How often do we, as lupus patients, stop to appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives? Exactly. More often than not we are grumbling about living with a chronic illness; complaining about the lack of funding for research; lack of research that produces results; lack of drugs; lack of physicians; and on and on infinitum. But not everything is ...

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Can You Contain Excitement


Think for a minute and then ask yourself what was the last ‘good’ emotion you experienced? Can you even remember when it was? If you can remember when, can you remember what brought on this emotion? Did it last very long or were soon wondering where the good feelings went? I am around lupus patients on a daily basis, and ...

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Frizzled, Frazzled, Done


As lupus patients, I hate to say, we have experienced more emotions and feelings than most others we know. I hate to say this because when I think I have it all under control I find a new feeling or emotion taking over. I hate not being in control. A week or so ago I was at the office preparing ...

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Continuing in our theme of emotions:   I suspect that every lupus patient has felt abandoned at some time during their life with lupus. In fact, I’m fairly certain of that statement. The opportunities are endless. When a patient is seeking to find out what is wrong with them, searching for a diagnosis, many feel abandoned by medical practitioners. They ...

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Can You Be An Emotion?


Can you be an emotion, or more specifically, can you be your emotion(s)? I don’t ask this lightly, but with all seriousness. Think about it for a couple of moments. Do you think that you can be an emotion? If you ask me that question, I would have to say yes. People are often their emotions, or at least that’s ...

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Will the FDA Listen to the Lupus Community? It’s up to You!


The Food and Drug Administration is about to embark on a project to get patients’ take on chronic illnesses, and lupus is not (yet) on the list! But you can change that. The following is an appeal LFNC is actively joining as part of the Lupus Research Institute National Coalition. The FDA is currently inviting public comment on what disease ...

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How many times have we as lupus patients been discouraged with something regarding our illness? We are discouraged when we don’t feel well. We are discouraged when we can’t do what we want. We are discouraged when we think our medicines don’t work. We are discouraged when we thing our doctor isn’t listening to us, or won’t give us the ...

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DITD – AKA Down In The Dumps


And yes, it requires all those words to be one emotion. I’m fairly certain all of us have been DITD at one time or another. Many of these DITD episodes happen this time of year. I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is classified as mild because I live in the South. Heaven forbid I should live in Alaska. ...

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How many of us can say we have never experienced the emotion of being weary? How many of can say you are too familiar with this emotion? I suspect we have all been weary at one time or another. I suspect we have also been weary for different reasons. I’ve been weary from all the doctor’s visits. I’ve been weary ...

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What are you afraid of? That’s a powerful question to begin a blog with, but without a powerful statement I think many of us might be afraid to address the question of fear. I want you to stop and think, really think, about your fears. I don’t mean the normal fears that we all have. The fears about spiders, snakes, ...

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