How many times have we as lupus patients been discouraged with something regarding our illness? We are discouraged when we don’t feel well. We are discouraged when we can’t do what we want. We are discouraged when we think our medicines don’t work. We are discouraged when we thing our doctor isn’t listening to us, […]


DITD – AKA Down In The Dumps

And yes, it requires all those words to be one emotion. I’m fairly certain all of us have been DITD at one time or another. Many of these DITD episodes happen this time of year. I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is classified as mild because I live in the South. Heaven forbid […]



How many of us can say we have never experienced the emotion of being weary? How many of can say you are too familiar with this emotion? I suspect we have all been weary at one time or another. I suspect we have also been weary for different reasons. I’ve been weary from all the […]



What are you afraid of? That’s a powerful question to begin a blog with, but without a powerful statement I think many of us might be afraid to address the question of fear. I want you to stop and think, really think, about your fears. I don’t mean the normal fears that we all have. […]



How many of you have never wondered why you are on this earth? That statement reads correctly. How many of you have NEVER wondered? Or questioned your purpose? Wondered each day if you are doing what you are destined to do? Or asked yourself – what is your destiny? What is the legacy you will […]



Does it seem strange to have ‘acceptance’ as the emotion for this blog? In a way it does for me, but then again, don’t we as lupus patients get put into a lot of situations, places, and circumstances where we have to decide to accept or not? I think, we more than a lot of […]



What do you do when you go to see a medical practitioner and nothing goes as you expected it to? Do you become irate? Do you express your concerns to whomever is in the room with you be it nurse, PA, ARNP, Elmo? Do you scream, and holler, and make threats? Do you quietly make […]


Are You Satisfied?

Is there a way, when you live with lupus, to every feel that things are right? That perhaps you did something to feel good about? Do you ever feel satisfied with the way your life currently goes or are you satisfied with your medical treatment or health in general? I’ve wondered the same thing, but […]


2nd In The Series – DETERMINATION

I find it difficult to concentrate enough this week to write about an emotion for the blog. The blog is supposed to examine emotions, one emotion at a time. I could discuss sadness, as I feel that very deeply this week after losing a dear friend to lupus last week. I could discuss anger, but […]