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2nd In The Series – DETERMINATION

I find it difficult to concentrate enough this week to write about an emotion for the blog. The blog is supposed to examine emotions, one emotion at a time. I could discuss sadness, as I feel that very deeply this week after losing a dear friend to lupus last week. I could discuss anger, but that’s been done. I won’t discuss fear. That is one emotion I rarely experience with regards to lupus. That brings me to the fighter in me. What emotion would you associate with a fighter? The one I think of is determined.

You may not think that determination is an emotion, but stop for a minute and think. If you have ever been so determined to do something, or complete something, or change something, did you feel it? Did this feeling give you drive, and courage, and strength you didn’t know you had? That’s what determination can do.



I’ve had lupus friends who were so determined to do certain things, they made them happen. Things that could never happen without determination. I can remember one terrible flare that put in bed for far longer than I could take. I was determined to get out of bed and get my life back. I began by simply getting out of my bed and moving to the couch in the living room. I did that for a couple days then began doing the same thing but sitting up for a couple hours. Day by day I increased the time I was sitting. Eventually I returned to the office, 2 hours a day at first. I did that for a week then added 1 more hour each week until I was back to working my normal hours. Some might say I would have gotten better anyway. Perhaps. But I think the determination I have made it happen sooner for me, and that’s what I needed. I needed to get better and feel like I still have some control of my life. Determination gave that back to me.

Isn’t it determination that allows a child to continually fall and yet eventually learn how to ride a bike? Isn’t it determination that allows all of us to learn how to walk? Isn’t it determination that gives us what we need to learn a new language, or get the grades we want in school, or even tolerate some of the treatments we face? Isn’t it determination that makes us change from a familiar doctor to one who will give us the care we deserve? Isn’t it determination when we look at a physician and tell them no, we will not consent to that treatment?

I wonder where we would be without determination? I wonder where I would be without it? I know that after this past week and the loss of my friend I am more determined to make a difference with regards to lupus and do something to honor my friend. Do everything I can to fight this disease, and not just for me, but for everyone who lives with it.

I hope that after reading this blog, you have a greater understanding of what determination is, and what it can do in your life. I also hope you find the determination you need to do whatever it is you want to do. I also hope a few of you have found the determination to join me in this fight for only the determination of many will end this disease and the death it brings.

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