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Are You Satisfied?

Satisfaction looks different to everyone!

Satisfaction looks different to everyone!

Is there a way, when you live with lupus, to every feel that things are right? That perhaps you did something to feel good about? Do you ever feel satisfied with the way your life currently goes or are you satisfied with your medical treatment or health in general? I’ve wondered the same thing, but feeling satisfied is possible.

Satisfied means feeling gratified or happy. If you live your life never feeling satisfied, that’s a sad fact. Even living with a chronic illness such as lupus, we can feel satisfaction. There are ways to be happy.

We may never be completely satisfied with our health, the changes we have had to make in our lives, the lack of treatment available for lupus, the color of our hair, or even the way our skin feels. If we look only at things like this, we may never feel satisfied with life. We may never enjoy happiness.
Think about all the times you get to spend with your family, or friends, or maybe by yourself. These are good times; times that make us feel good. What about reading a good book and really enjoying a story? If you have a day that you get out of bed, enjoy a warm shower, dry your hair, and look in the mirror and like what you see. How about the simply joy of crawling in to a bed with fresh sheets that were dried outside. These are small things that can make you feel satisfied.

For me, if I can change the linen on the bed I feel satisfied. If I can prepare a meal for my family, that makes me happy. When my grandchildren come to see me and I am able to bend down and get a kiss from them, you can see the happiness on my face.

This past week my grandson, who is visiting from North Carolina, was taking surfing lessons. That means water and sunshine. I wanted so much to see him surf so I made arrangements to be there for the last couple of hours on his last day. I did take precautions such as sunscreen, an umbrella and plenty of water. But I was there. I got to see him. I took photos. I loved every minute and I feel satisfied that I got to do what I wanted to do. I was there for him. I saw him surf. I got a big hug from him when he came out of the water. I haven’t felt that satisfied in a long time.

Now I am sitting at my computer writing about feeling satisfied. When I post this for all to read, I will again feel satisfied. When I see the stats for the blog climb, I will feel another level of satisfaction. If my post helps people, again I will feel satisfaction. If the readers respond and let me know how my words help them or touch their lives, that is the ultimate satisfaction for this blog.

May you all enjoy feeling satisfied in your lives.