Can You Be An Emotion?

Can you be an emotion, or more specifically, can you be your emotion(s)? I don’t ask this lightly, but with all seriousness. Think about it for a couple of moments.emotions Do you think that you can be an emotion? If you ask me that question, I would have to say yes. People are often their emotions, or at least that’s how we view them and then judge them to be. If I am really honest, I am guilty of this – this judging people by their emotions. I am like many others in this world. We see people who cry often, and before we ask why, we think they are not strong people. We see people who judge others and comment for others to hear, and without knowing their story, we judge them as mean spirited, or uncaring. We are often quick to judge others who are not like us. Knowing all of this, if I asked you now, can you be an emotion, would you answer differently than before? I began writing this thinking about something and since these blogs are currently about emotions, I had to verify that it even was an emotion. I am talking about the word brave, in all its forms, including bravely. We normally think of people as being brave, or acting bravely. But the feeling of brave or bravely is indeed an emotion. Because we associate it with how a person feels or acts, in this case they become their emotion. Lupus patients are some of the bravest people I know. They live day to day with no end to their disease in sight, and knowing that treatment options are limited. That is just the beginning of their bravery. They go about their days in pain, often debilitating pain, and yet they often smile, and ask others how they are doing, or if there is anything they (the lupus patient) can do for them. They swallow handfuls of medication on a daily basis knowing that all of the pills may cause side-effects and may not even help the lupus. They work, either at a job, or at home. They care for their families. They do all they can, and only when exhausted to they stop. Most don’t know the words ‘no’, or ‘can’t’. They are brave, and are this particular emotion. If you aren’t feeling brave right now, look in the mirror. If you are still standing, or haven’t given up, then you are the image of a brave person. You are this emotion and have every right to feel brave. From the life and mind of a lupus patient: Wanda M. Argersinger ©2015 All Rights Reserved by Wanda M. Argersinger and The Lupus Support Network

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