How often do we, as lupus patients, stop to appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives?


More often than not we are grumbling about living with a chronic illness; complaining about the lack of funding for research; lack of research that produces results; lack of drugs; lack of physicians; and on and on infinitum.

But not everything is bad.

appreciativeI get updates about lupus in the news every day and the past month has been enlightening. The last two weeks have been astounding. The number of research projects being conducted with regards to lupus are growing, and the findings have been great.

Many different ways to approach the same subject are underway. Many new doors are opening and the possibilities seem to be endless, but ever so hopeful.

Hearing news like this after suffering so many years of nothing makes me appreciative for all involved.

  • I appreciate the researchers and the companies who fund these projects
  • I appreciate the patients who are brave and willing and register to be in the clinical trials
  • I appreciate the pharmaceutical companies who take huge risks in trying to bring new medicines to market. I’ve seen the hoops and rooms full of paperwork they have to go through to have something approved by the FDA
  • I appreciate the FDA for doing its best to keep us safe from harmful medicines and procedures
  • I appreciate the organizations like LRI (Lupus Research Institute) and ALR ( Alliance for Lupus Research) for being on the front line of funding, advocacy, and for being the voice of those who aren’t normally heard
  • I appreciate all the physicians who treat the lupus patients on a daily basis
  • I appreciate social media for allowing lupus patients to have access to other lupus patients so they don’t feel alone and isolated
  • I appreciate groups such as com for starting on-line groups for patients to use to disseminate news and forge connections
  • I appreciate all the lupus bloggers for keeping this disease in front of so many
  • I appreciate the truthful news agencies who by reporting the news allow us to be appreciative

If you aren’t feeling particularly appreciative, look around. There may be more going on than you know.

From the life of Wanda M. Argersinger

© 2015 Wanda M. Argersinger and The Lupus Support Network, Inc.

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